Key Indicators it’s Time for Roof Repair or Replacement

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When there aren’t any obvious signs that your roof is in need of repair, it’s easy to forget that normal wear and tear may be taking a toll on your roof shingles. However, as your home ages, it’s important to keep an eye on your roof to prevent costly interior repairs caused by water leaks and other damage. So what are the most common indicators that your roof is due to repair or replacement?

Missing or Damaged Shingles:

Extreme weather conditions have a direct effect on the condition and structure of your roof. Snow and ice in the winter months can be particularly devastating. When heavy snow accumulates its weight can place a significant amount of pressure on your shingles. And when it begins to melt and re-freeze, water can seep into the shingles and form ice which then expands causing further deterioration. Worse still, this extra weight from ice and snow can actually weaken the roof structure altogether, leading to very expensive repair and replacement.

In extreme winter conditions, ice dams can form along the bottom edge of your roof. These dams trap water on the roof, ultimately forcing the water inside your home through leaks that form under the shingles. If the ice doesn’t melt quickly enough, the weight of these dams can even pull gutters and flashing right off your house!

The best way to avoid these repairs is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Contact our roofing experts for a roof inspection before the winter months hit. We can complete any preventative maintenance and repair before the snow and ice cause greater damage.

Clogged Gutters:

You may have noticed small granular particles accumulating at the base of your downspouts. Your roof shingles lose this granular coating over time with heavy rains, snow and ice, and as they travel downward with the rainwater, they leave small deposits in your gutters. If your gutter system isn’t regularly maintained, these small deposits can become trapped and accumulate. If you notice that rainwater isn’t flowing properly through downspouts, or water falls over the edge of your gutters, you likely have a blockage that needs to be cleaned. And if you see an excessive amount of granular debris, it’s time to give us a call. If your roof shingles are thinning, it may be time for repair or replacement.

Roof Age:

No matter how well a home is cared for, it’s impossible to stop deterioration from age. At some point it will be necessary to replace your roof simply because it can no longer perform properly. An older roof is typically less efficient, more likely to leak, and less able to protect your home. If your roof has seen 20-25 years of harsh winters and hot summers, it’s probably time to have it inspected. Whether it needs to be re-shingled or fully replaced, we can help!

PG Contracting has been helping homeowners throughout Monroe, MI with roof repair and replacement since 2006. Whether your need a roof inspection, minor repairs, or full roof replacement we’re here to help. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.